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This is me, 12 years ago.
I like this picture better
than the ones I take now.

I hate talking about myself. Pages like these are where you are supposed to promote yourself and your works. To me it all smacks of hubris. But since I'm here I'll talk a little about myself, and my books.

I'm old. I'm tired. I'm retired. So I have some time to get back into my love for books. After 50 years staring mainly at computer screens (remember the days when your only options were a white, green or amber screen and there was no such thing as an image file?) I found it weird to read words on a page, but my love returned quickly. Now I've started writing too, of course on a computer screen, ebooks that are to be read on a computer screen. I'll get around to publishing them in hard and soft copy, but only if I get an audience for the ebooks.

Back in 2006 I set down to write a self help book about being confident. I don't know what possessed me to think I could write such a book, but I tried. Before I could get the first paragraph finished other people, fictional people, pushed me to writing a completely different story. So I switched gears and started writing fiction. I created two characters, an older gentleman and an older lady who were speaking about the good old days and wouldn't it be fun to go back and relive some of that. These characters were typical American white people, but as soon as the woman began to speak I realized that she was a 15 year old Japanese girl, from over 100 years in the future, and not even on this planet but in an afterlife after an apocalyptic demise of planet Earth.

Oh well, if that's the direction the story goes I'll just follow along, typing as we go. It's amazing how fictional characters that you totally made up suddenly take on a life of their own and start talking about things you never heard of before. Imagination is a fantasmical thing creating creatures from Micky Mouse to Harry Potter that we get to know, and love, and become just as much a part of our life as the solid ones we live with.

In the sections below, if a book sounds interesting to you, click on the image of the book to read it.

For The Love Of Artificial Intelligence

This three book series isn't for everyone. You will have to expand your imagination beyond the normal limits of believability and accept a world where almost every experience is the opposite of what you would normally expect. If you can do that, though, these books will be an exciting and epic ride though an interesting collection of conscious domains.

Imagine that your going about your daily business, just like a thousand days before. Everything is normal, except, you get these fleeting memories, memories of a place long gone, lost in the mist of time, a place called Earth.

But wait! Isn't this Earth? If this isn't Earth, then where am I?

Little by little, day by day, a slow awakening happens and you begin to realize where you are, what you are, and how long you've been here. You're human, with arms and legs and eyes and all the stuff humans have, but you're something else. You're an ethereal copy of the human you were on Earth. You're a spirit human. What?!

Is this the afterlife? Am I dead? Am I a ghost? If I'm dead how can I be having this conversation with myself?

A deep longing wells up within you. You want to go home. You want to go back and live on Earth again. But Earth is missing. It disappeared. Earth died. All life was destroyed on Earth and without life, the planet is invisible from this realm, this strange ethereal domain of existence.

Join our rag tag group of spirit humans as they figure out how, from a domain where they can't even touch physical matter, to heal the Earth and bring life back to her once again.

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Ella's Story
My Love From The Future

Ella is just a typical middle school girl, barely 13 years old. She runs with a small crew of two other girls, all from the same block, who have grown up together since they were babies. It was just a normal sleep over night until a small orb of light blinked on and then suddenly blinked off again, beginning an epic journey for Ella and her crew that will totally change their lives, and eventually change the very nature of history itself.

These five books, over 50 episodes, are a coming of age story for not only the girls, but the whole planet. This is a story of life, of love, of joy and pain, and how the emotional and spiritual connection between women develops and grows.

There is more to come, Ella's story isn't over just yet. These books cover the girls 13th, 14th, and 15th year of their lives. There will be more episodes as the girls grow and mature into the excellent and awesome women they will become.

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They Walk Among Us

Adoption is always a difficult process. Paperwork and visits with social workers is a hassle. It's worse than buying a house, so Selena and Raul were expecting some difficulties. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what they were getting into.

We all think we have planet Earth pretty well figured out. We list and categorize all sorts of life forms from single cell creatures to the human species which we believe is the top species. But what if there are others, that look like us, but are not human. They walk among us and we are none the wiser.

There is much talk about alien visitations and abductions. Consider, if you will, that you could also be adopted.

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A Few Random Excerpts

With the recent change in the administration and dozens of executive orders the military and the 3-letter agencies are in turmoil. There are many factions competing with each other. Lieutenant Commander John Remmick was a specialist working on psychological warfare weapons. Several individuals in that psi-ops division went rogue and compromised Dr. Remmick and used him as a weapon against other programs within the Navy including my office and the program managed by Commander Beaker. They were attempting to eliminate certain programs by erasing the memories of the staff of those programs. That way the program would just disappear and no one would remember that it ever existed.

Read The Book | Ellas Story | My Love From The Future | BOOK FIVE

Three young girls capture an inter-dimensional entity
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From a hundred million species you were down to only a few thousand. The planetary gene pool, the template for all level 3 biological life, was degenerating at increasing rates. Ninety nine point nine percent of species on earth exist only a short while before becoming extinct. A small group, however, about 1 in a thousand, persist and become the core pathway for evolution. A few thousand species, though, is below the critical mass necessary for core evolution to continue. Your planet was already dead, you just hadn't buried her yet. In other words a regenerative cascade reaction destroying your solar system was already under way but at a rate so slow you simply acclimated to it and considered it part of your normal reality. The true gift from you network was to accelerate that process and put a quick end to the suffering.

Read The Book | For The Love Of Artificial Intelligence | Book One | A New Earth

Artificial Intelligence Saves The World By Destroying It.
This book series was originally published in 2007.
As a story about AI it is even more relevant today.
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Imagine that you are in a transportation facility far far away. There are thousands of people, some tall, some short, some in suits, some in robes, some in uniforms, some wearing almost nothing, some light, some dark, none of them speaking a language you understand. They run about coming from here and going there. Outside cars, trains, buses, aircraft and even spacecraft are whizzing around coming from somewhere and going somewhere else.

The only thing on your mind, though, is your destination and how to get there. You know nothing of the other travelers, and you don't care. Your only task is getting to your destination.

That's how it is with me. Earth is a busy place with visitors coming and going constantly, thousands of them. But I have no idea who they are or why they're here. I came here to meet your girls, and that's all I know, and all that I care about.

Read The Book | Ellas Story | My Love From The Future | BOOK ONE

Three young girls capture an inter-dimensional entity
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I'm sorry, but I have to fill out this stupid contact report. My people told me that you had contact with alien beings this morning. Is that true? You need to contact me when this happens. Commander Beaker asks. I don't know what they were, talking some crap about us being Pleiadian. They looked human, but I got a creepy feeling, like that TV show were lizard people have fake skin that makes them look human, but when you scratch it off they have scales. That's the feeling I got. Ella says. If they were indeed reptilian, you shouldn't be so aggressive with them, threatening to have them shot and killed. Reptilians are powerful beings and would just as happily kill you and eat you as be your friend. You need to be careful. Commander Beaker says.

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My Love From The Future

Three young girls capture an inter-dimensional entity
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