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A List Of The Best Articles On The Web

Although I haven't read all of them yet

Sounds and symbols, words and songs, images and videos; all are elements of the physical domain. To become an experience that lives in our memories, however, they must enter the dimension of mind, for that is where we truly reside.

As a blogger one of my favorite things is reading other blogs.

This is my list of my favorite blogs.

  • Some of them are classic old blogs that have been around forever.
  • Some of them are brand new and I will enjoy watching them grow and mature.
  • Some of them are by old people with the wisdom that comes from experience.
  • Some of them are by youngsters with the wisdom of an emerging generation.
  • Some of them are commercial and want to sell stuff.
  • Some of them are from big publishing companys.
  • Most of them are by the little people.

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